Olivia Petroleum

Olivia Petroleum

Olivia Petroleum, S.A.U. (OPSA), is an independent installation of K3 petroleum products, as well as their storage and supply.

Our facilities are located in the Cádiz Free Zone, Plots 1 and 2, Calle Irlanda s / n, 11011 de Cádiz.

The location is strategic to cover Mediterranean and European / African trhroughputs. We are the only Bunker installation in the Bay of Cádiz.

OPSA was established as a Public Limited Company in Madrid, on April 8, 2010, starting its activities on the day of granting the deed of incorporation. These activities are:

  • Lease of tank capacity tanking for petroleum products K3 class.
  • National and International transport of merchandise by road.
  • Trading of crude oil and products derived from oil refining.
  • Trading of all types of merchandise, exclusively within the ports and airports free zones.

OPSA obtained from the Ministry of Industry, Tourism and Trade in 2011 the title of WHOLESALE OPERATOR OF PETROLEUM PRODUCTS.

Our services

Sell to operators

Our activity as Wholesale Hydrocarbon Operator has developed with a Nation wide scope.

Distribution on gasoil and gasoline

The products distributed by Olivia Petroleum range from RON 95 and 98 Gasolines to middle distillates such as A / B / C Gasoil and heavy fuels like 380 cSt viscosity Fuel Oil, based on the official CLH specifications

Independent terminal

Our terminal in Cádiz can store up to 23.000 m3.


From our terminal in Cádiz we offer the IFOSsupply service under the specifications demanded by our clients.