OPSA is a gasoil distribution company that we care about to offer the highest quality in fuels for the automotive, industry and the farming world.

With distribution of gas oils in more than 70% of the national territory, OPSA continues to make progress in order to provide the customer with a wide range of fuels according to their needs.


Gasoil A

Fuel for automotive diesel engines of cars and industrial vehicles. High quality diesel, with a low level of polluting gas emissions, containing additives that optimize performance and extend engine life.

Gaseoleo A-2
Gasoil B

Fuel for diesel engines of tractors and farming machines, fishing boats and industrial activities.

Gasoleo B-2
Gasoil C

Medium distillate fuel normally used for the operation of slow engines such as machinery, marine sector and also for the generation of thermal energy. This product follows a similar spec to Marine Gasoil.



Gasoline 95

Fuel for gasoline engines (spark ignition engines), with an octane rating of 95 and high performance.

It is a product of great quality and respectful with the environment, having reduced considerably the content in compounds that generate polluting emissions.

Gasolina 95-2
Gasoline 98

Fuel for gasoline engines (spark ignition engines), with an octane rating of 98.

This product improves the performance of engines with high compression ratio and high performance.


Fuel Oil

Fuel Oil

Heavy fuel aimed at sectors such as the marine market or extra peninsular power generation or in third countries. Blends of Fuel Oil are made with the intention of obtaining different viscosity grades to meet the demand of different types of engines.